Responsible Drinking

Everybody - both guests and hosts - needs to keep some simple rules in mind.

· Real hosts go pro. Hire a real bartender to mix drinks and serve responsibly.

· Show the designated drivers some love. Nothing's worse than two-liter bottles of flat cola, so whip up a   non-alcoholic punch or two.

· Make sure somebody has numbers for the cab company.

· Plan a graceful exit. Think about how you're going to get home before you leave home.

· Talk with your mouth full. Eating before or while you're drinking slows alcohol consumption.

· Pass on the salt lick. Salty snacks make people drink more, so don't be afraid to bake a cake.

· Be aggressive. If you're hosting, grab your guests' car keys and be smart about who gets them back.

· Time really is on your side. It's the only fool-proof method for sobering up, so stop serving or drinking at least an hour before the party's over